ICEFIRE 10.4" Mobile Cinic Assistant

08 October 2012

Category: Industrial PC

A compact medical-use tablet PC which is designed based on Windows and Intel®’s open architecture. Its IP64 compliant 10.4” display features dual mode input that allows for easy computing. In addition to its lightweight design with dual hot swappable batteries and ergonomic considerations, ICEFIRE also features wireless and advanced data acquisition technologies customized to meet the needs of point-of-care and healthcare applications.


Featuring both WACOM digitizer and traditional resistive touch input with auto-sensing and auto-switching, input accuracy, computing flexibility, and convenience are increased significantly.


With inbuilt Gobi 2000 and advanced RF technologies, ICEFIRE can make seamless wireless connections to WLAN and WAN, enhancing instant access to readily available information anywhere anytime.


Automated data capture through the inbuilt 1D/2D barcode scanner and RFID reader allows healthcare professionals to increase accuracy and productivity.



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