Quality Policy

JM elektronik Company holds a significant position based on its several year experience on both domestic and foreign market of professional electronic component distribution.


Our development is possible thanks to consistent commitment to creating the image of a reliable and competent partner who observes the ethical and legal rules of business and is focused on economic and market success.


Being aware of the necessity to provide continuous monitoring and meeting our customers’ needs and expectations we do our best to fulfill our commitments, thus developing partner relationships between parties based on mutual benefits and respecting the interests of cooperating parties.


The quality management system based on EN ISO 9001:2015 standard is a modern instrument for managing and supervising focused on meeting both customers’ and users’ requirements, the regular improvement of business operations and their results involving the products offered, at the same time providing the optimum use of financial potential. Appreciating the importance of this system-based approach to management activities I personally declare to support the optimization of conditions necessary to protect the efficiency of this policy, including the promotion of work culture filled with awareness and commitment of employees.


Slawomir Pieszczek


JM elektronik sp. z o.o.

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